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Georgia Tarheel Sports 2013 Highlights

Why Georgia Tarheel Sports Events
1. We are in our 14th Year of Hosting Highly attractive Teams Nationally.
2. We are organized and our events are we take Pride in our Facilities and Producing Quality Tournaments.
3. We place our out of town and state guest in quality Hotel set well below market pricing.
4. Tired of event host that plays your 5th Grade Team against an 8th Grade Team? We attract and host teams     nationally and regionally. Quality events attract good numbers.
5. Tired of last minute schedule changes? GTH Sports will have your schedule prepared and online on Wednesday nights
    before the Tournament date.
6. Tired of going from Facility to Facility? Our Facilities can Host up to 65 Teams and our overflow facility can host up to     50 teams. Once you are assigned you do not move.
7. Have you ever had a host let your team in for free? The fact is many host are not full time professionals and they do
    not attract the required number of teams per division.
8. Before you ask, we do not partner with any other Tournament Host. Our only partners is Georgia Tarheel Sports.



Before a player trys out for a Georgia Tarheel Team, the parent must complete the online registration, print and sign the weaver that will be emailed to them after the registration is submitted. CLICK HERE to fill out the information.

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Georgia TarHeel Sports is a non-profit athletic organization designed to provide young athletes (ages 8-19) with a forum to develop and display their athletic skills and talents. The league is structured around and emphasizes the importance of continuing education, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Another very valuable asset is the positive interaction that the organization continually has with local schools, neighborhoods, city management and the business community. The program also has the privilege of uniting culturally diverse groups with the common goal of competing, learning and socializing. This aids in accomplishing the programís ultimate goal which is to help instill in our youth the vital importance of hard work, fair play and racial equality. Dedication to continuing education future plans is exhibited and handled in various instructional classes and seminars for participants. With all this in mind, the we would like to recognize the Atlanta area for their loyal support as they continue to be the driving force behind the success of Georgia Tarheel Sports.


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ONLY $50/team! (covers all players & coaches for the entire year)

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Next Tournament

April 25 - 27th, 2014,

"Georgia Tarheel Classic"


Game Schedule


April 25-27th, 2014

"Georgia Tarheel Classic Tournament"


Next Tournament

May 2nd-4th, 2014,

"Border Wars"